A Yankee's Musing

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm Back

No longer do I perservere within the claustrophobic state of IV lines spewing haze across my every waking moment, and dreams that go dry before breathing consciousness. No need lately to etch my life in words as I savor an unfamiliar energy; was it but two years ago? Like a child I test my days with tenuous disbelief and look directly into the eyes of conversations free of pregnant pauses when it comes to invitations because perhaps there is such a thing as tomorrow,unless I get hit by a truck, or more likely a cab, a tourist, or falling debris in New York City. And the holidays march through fall as the semester winnows its way to an inevitable final reckoning. Kayaking has given way to city soot which soon will mingle with the first snow of the season. I curl up in my space and count my blessing, as trite as that may sound; it is not an easy matter to live each moment wisely, to breathe each breath consciously, to use all my senses fully and still understand that my new found energy is not limitless. But I must be more vigilent about writing here on this blog. It is the footprint of where I have been, and it is the touchstone for where I may go tomorrow.