A Yankee's Musing

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thoughts on a Frigid Snowy Day in New York City 2015

                                   Thoughts on a Frigid Snowy Day in New York City 2015


Icy branches crackle

low tones muffle

eyes half-lidded

a single snow track

etched by city soot

boxes half full

bags of shredded paper

eastern standard time


I once met a child named Richard

whose superhero friends lurked just

 outside the classroom door

sometimes under his desk

often in his back pocket which he’d slap when

 he needed their special powers.

I came to know each one’s weakness

a simple hug chased them away behind

his eyes then he saw me again

for the first time.

I once met a woman named Inez

who believed she couldn’t read

 because a tumor lurked somewhere within

 the folds of her brain so deep

no doctors could find it

eradicate it as it grew to

 swallow her ability to make

sense of words on paper.

She had resigned herself to be

a non-reading adult condemned

to pretend forever.

If I close my eyes real tight

and let my thoughts drift across

the horizon of my life

moments become snapshots

naming our particular intersection

with no streetlights to warn us

when to stop-go- yield.

We paused  noticed  shared

before moving on.


like stones in a riverbed

constantly changing shape