A Yankee's Musing

Sunday, November 18, 2007

On My Walls

Wolves gathering in the birch thicket and winter snow
An indigenous woman with her silks flowing
A birch tree a pond and snow movement
A series of new hampshires as the old man and loon emerge
A series of twin buildings as a gigantic apple emerges
The gates blowing orange casting shadows
An indigenous woman pensive, gathering strength
An inquisitive chickadee out on a limb
A black bear sitting up tall reaching
The 24 precinct and memorial garden
A wolf emerging over a mountain and figures with arms outstretched
A dimensional Monet-like painting
Except a woman’s head can be seen if you look closely
And it is either exploding or filled with swirling flowers
A leather medicine wheel with an indigenous woman seated
Real feathers above leather feathers below
Candles candles flickering
A metal tree opens its limbs and roots so when the light is just right
The shadow of another behind
On my walls.


lessons endure inherent potential
a journey
triumph loss pain breathe experience
a balance
universe within universe without
lessons inherent breathe endure
experience potential loss pain
within without universe triumph

*tribute to Dana Tiger’s poem, Gathering Strength.