A Yankee's Musing

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back On

Been a long time since I posted on this blog. I couldn't seem to access it, and as a result, it was left alone. I apologize. I think I am all set now. Big news, I am retiring at the end of this academic year. Sad and exciting at the same time. Sad because I will miss these LIU undergraduate and graduate students enormously. They are wonderful and make me think and learn with them. I have learned many things, but perhaps the biggest thing is geography/cultures. I am so fortunate now when I look at a world map, or hear a place named in the news, and immediately a face of a student comes to mind. With that face comes a host of memories, things I learned about that student's life experiences, culture, ideals, religion, hopes, struggles, dreams. They have widened my life to know about how diverse, yet how wonderful the human race really is.

I am excited about retiring because I do not have to feel helpless in fighting the changes of LIU Brooklyn from an academic institution that cares about its students and will support them in their struggles, to a business model run like a corporation--bottom line, net income. I am also glad because I can write more, finish my novel, kayak more islands and hopefully with the whales, work on my cabins, and volunteer in wildlife rehabilitation.

And so, I am back. Are you all still out there? I sure hope so.