A Yankee's Musing

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene-immediate aftermath

Went and got my car out of hock in the local garage. Had my choice of parking places on the street. Moved some tree limbs and parked across from my apartment. Very humid and very quiet outside. Some people out and about, but hardly any businesses open--just a few corner grocery stores. Lots of flooding on roads I hear. I am glad this is over. It was really howling early this morning, and branches flying and bouncing off my skylights and air conditioner. The cats were afraid and hid for the duration---guess their assessment was more dire than mine. We haven't been called out yet, but might be. This was not as dramatic as I remember the two hurricanes in '54 in NH that took down almost all the telephone poles and trees lining Silver St. Mom, Myrt, Ruth, and I went out during eye of storm and took pictures---then scurried back inside for what felt like round number two. I felt safer in my building here, as well as the very thorough and thoughtful planning for such disasters here by the local government. We were prepared. I hope NH fairs well, especially camp. I hear the National Forest is closed. Oh my. That is unusual.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


11:43 pm Aug. 27th. Lightning illuminates streams of water distorting my vision of the tree top outside my window. It bends and sways in feverish contortions. It is hurrican Irene and she is knocking on my doorstep. Direct hit, they say, urban flooding, destruction, deserted streets, and no transportation. The city never sleeps, but tonight, and perhaps tomorrow, city dwellers stay put and watch. And when it is done, this city will once again become like a small town, helping, caring, encouraging. It has been almost ten years, but we remember terrorism, whether man made or natural.